Friday, June 15, 2012

As promised awhile ago, here's a process post!
Russell Crowe as Javert!
Ok here we have the lineart. Beneath this is a plethora of crappy sketches trying to get the anatomy somewhat correct.  For this I used the custom brush stumpy pencil. As you can see I have my reference images to the right. I scrapped the taco hat because I just frankly hate it when Javert has the tricorn and I do what I want.

OK base colors! I do each color on a sperate layer beneath the lineart. I use a custom brush I made myself. It's kinda like watercolor but not really. 

OK here's where stuff starts looking better.  I add the details to the colors, using the same brush as before.

OK here I added the "halo" and the text. The text is hand written, which I'm insanely proud of to be honest. 

OK now I added the texture. To me, it just helps things look a bit more unified and colors look blended. I use a black and white water color texture that I set to overlay on top of all the other layers. I then adjust the contrast, as the texture usually makes the image look a bit too bright. 

A viloa! We're done! Hope you found that informative, whoever you are.

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