Saturday, September 29, 2012

OH! And another thing! If you'd like to follow what I'm doing here at school, I update my required digication portfolio MUCH more often than I do this blog.  There you'll see my work organized into my current portfolio, then by my classes. Here's the link again!

Also, you can follow my drawing sketchbook tumblr! Everyday I draw a fearsome lady from history, and so far I am 100% up-do-date! It's been a fun project, and if you're into feminism or history (or my art I guess) you should check it out and spread the word! Here's that link again!

While I'm at it, you can follow my ART TUMBLR, like me on my ART FACEBOOK, or follow me on my PERSONAL TWITER!

That's it for the blog posts for now! Check out those links, and tomorrow I'll start posting some art on here (which would be appropriate, this being an art blog and all).

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