Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Design: Measuring and Mapping

For my final design project, we were presented the problem of challenging an idea. I decided to challenge the idea of "if a boy picks on a girl, it must mean he likes her!"


This is problematic, as it teaches boys that violence isa proper form of affection. And it teaches girls that this violence is normal, deserved, and shows that they are loved.

Hopefully my point is clear: this behavior should not be encouraged by society, as the line between "flirting" and abuse is very thin.

 (I'd like to point out that I do not believe every little kid who has ever bullied/picked on someone will grow up to be an abuser. This comic is simply a warning that in some cases, kids need to be told that this behavior is wrong. And not all kids get told this)

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  1. Powerful stuff but I disagree with you on one subject. It seems in my experience everyone who was a bully as a kid continues to be in adulthood in some way or form, whether it be a parent who bullies their kids, the asshole boss or an abusive husband. People really need to educate kids that this behavior isn't ok and the lack of care and all these excuses people come up with to justify said behaviour is what leads to this situation and it is very worrying.