Monday, January 28, 2013

Sketchbook or "wow I draw phantom a lot ok"

I have to maintain a daily sketchbook for my illustration class, and the past few days I haven't drawn anything but phantom haha.
A sad Phantom, a red Phantom, a crappy Christine, and a quick sketch of one of my favorite costumes from the show, the monkey w/ cymbals from Masquerade! I sketched these while watching the 25th Anniversary on netflix, so the costumes aren't completely accurate haha. 

A page of Christines! The top left is based off Katie Hall, and the bottom right is based off of Sierra Boggess (I think I've posted that one here before.)

And a page of Phantoms! Every time I try to draw a particular actor as the Phantom they all end up looking the same, but the top right was supposed to be Ramin Karimloo and the bottom right is based off of one of my favorite photos of Earl Carpenter as the Phantom. 

As for the top left, idk what it is about the wig for the UK tour, but Erik looks super sassy with his sweeping bang. 

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