Friday, January 16, 2015

Cafe Sketch 1/16/2015

Some sketches from my Cafe Sketch class at CCAD!
Some in class gestures using online reference, and some sketches from the bust stop and North Market! 

More sketches from the North Market!


  1. Really like your style! It is fun to look at, lots of interesting shapes, lines and facial expressions. I especially like the drama and boldness of first three figures in the first set. Nice work!

  2. You do a wonderful job of taking reference from life and then exaggerating. Your sense of weight and shapes are wonderful as well.

  3. You are very expressive with your sketches. There is a nice sense of personality and character.

  4. Cailey I'm really liking that you're expressing your own style in your gestures! I also like how you're blocking out shapes and shading things. Some of the anatomy may be too blocky and exaggerated for the assignment, but I think overall it's working well!