Friday, April 10, 2015

Cafe Sketch 4/10/15

Sketches from the zoo today! The artic foxes were my fav.


  1. All your animal designs are so cute! Especially the foxes. I like the little fur textures, and the interaction between the two animals in the middle; It'd be nice to see some more animal interaction, or their environment. Cool stuff !

  2. The shaping you've created for the foxes is superb, but the way you've depicted the bears makes them appear stiff. Maybe try out circular forms or oval forms to give them a bit more presence and movement. Also, while the most of the sketches (especially for the foxes) have a good clarity, some of the others could benefit with a little bit of sketching before nailing down the final forms with a marker or brush pen. Overall though, these are looking sweet!

  3. Classic CAT able to capture essence and character of creatures with few and precise lines. Good work!