Saturday, September 29, 2012

More school work! There are all adobe illustrator "Color Interactions" or my Painting & Color Theory class, taught by Mark Taggart 

"Color Interactions 1"

I had to make a BUNCH of these big squares in little square things, for the sole purpose of messing around with illustrator and experimenting in how colors interacted in this limited format.

This is one of my favorite ones. The yellow in both small squares is the same, I like how the yellow pops against the violet, but almost disappears against the grey. 

"Color Interactions 3"

For this one, we had to make the same color appear as drastically different as possible by manipulating the colors of the rectangles that surrounds the smaller shapes. 

I really like how this one turned out. The peach on the left seems oddly purple, but grey and dull. The one on the right looks like it has more red, and it defiantly pops more than the one on the left. 

"Color Interactions 4"

Same basic set up as INT3, but this time we had to make 2 DIFFERENT colors appear to be the same. I'm not sure how different they look on your screen, but hopefully they appear the same. The one on the left is actually more red, and the one on the left more green.

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